Events 2020

All Events are currently cancelled due to COVID-19

However, we are now running a NET on GB3LD on Sunday evening from 8pm.


28th January

AGM meeting. Start at 7:45pm prompt please as we have a lot to cover!


11th February

Radio Repair night – please bring anything that is faulty for the group to look at


25th February

Construction Contest – bring a project that you have completed


10th March

Tram Talk by Jon on the construction and operation of large 3/4” ft model Trams


24th March

My most memorable QSO’s. Please bring a log or QSL card of a memorable contact


7th April

Quiz night. Can everyone send me at least 4 questions with answers that I can collate.


21st April

Repeaters – what are they, how do thy work and are maintained. A talk by Bob


5th May

FT8 & JS8Call – digital modes talk by Mark Wickens M0NOM


19th May

A talk (being planned) by Jim Wilde at Lancaster University on Space Weather


2nd June



16th June

The Rasberry PI computer – a talk by Andrew about this powerful minicomputer


30th June

Hest Bank Activation – an evening using low power portable radio equipment


14th July

Program Planning