March 2019

  • 5th – TBC
  • 12th – Intermediate Training
  • 19th – Video Evening (TX Factor, RSGB)
  • 26th – Intermediate Training

April 2019

  • 2nd – Programming Boefeng handies. Bob (VVT) will cover what equipment he can with the software he has available.

  • 16th – CW operation – Mike will hopefully enlighten most of us who have limited knowledge about Morse!

  • 30th – Early days of amateur Radio – before commercial equipment was available. Bob (VVT) is looking for input from some of our older members for anecdotes/information.

May 2019

  • 14th – Radio Night using club callsign. Your chance to get contacts with a good antenna and power!

  • 28th – An evening portable operation (location yet to be defined) suggestions are Warton crag, Arnside Knott & Williamson park

June 2019

  • 11th – Foxhunt evening.

  • 25th – 40 years in the Electrical Industry. Andrew will give us his life experience of working as an Engineer on power generation & distribution