Tuesday 24st April 2018

Bob G3VVT has successfully repaired the 2m antenna connection which was then confirmed working on both FM and SSB.

Tuesday 15th April 2018

MBARS club members were treated to a very interesting talk from ex-Marconi Engineer Chris Baker, G4LDS.

Tuesday 21st March 2018

Mark Wickens, M0NOM presented a talk on SOTA. The Powerpoint slides are available for download (which include video and audio) or a PDF version of the slides for easier viewing, or click on the video below (slides are shown at 5 second intervals, so make use of the pause facility – includes audio of QSOs).

Mark M0NOM with the contents of his rucksack!

Tuesday 20th February 2018

The 2018 Construction Competition was held this evening. Please see the link for details.

Construction Competition entrants with their entries